Colorado Paternity Lawyers

Issues of paternity in Colorado can become quite complex, especially in matters of custody and divorce. The Colorado paternity attorneys of Kaplan Law L.L.C. are able to assist clients through each step of the legal paternity process.

Paternity in Colorado

The most common route to legal paternity is through marriage. When a married man's wife delivers a child, his name is automatically entered on the birth certificate as the father of the child. However, real life issues of paternity can be less clear cut.

Legal paternity in Colorado can also be established when the unmarried father signs a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity form at the time of birth of a child. If this form is unchallenged for 60 days, it becomes a legal finding of paternity, which can be used in court as evidence.

Paternity can also be established or changed legally after a child's birth, but this process is considerably more involved. If another man has already been established as the legal father of the child, another person may request legal paternity by completing an acknowledgement of paternity form, which also requires written agreement from the legal father. If the current legal father is unwilling to sign this document, then legal action must be taken to further the matter.

The Colorado custody and divorce attorneys of Kaplan Law are experienced in the legal steps that must be taken to change or establish paternity. Our Colorado family practice lawyers can help either parent initiate a court action to establish legal paternity.

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We offer our clients the benefit of a broad knowledge base of a large law firm combined with the in-depth, personal attention of a solo attorney because the lawyers and paralegals of Kaplan Law practice as a team. The Colorado custody and divorce lawyers of Kaplan Law understand that the process of establishing paternity can be an emotionally exhausting affair. We offer our experience in the practice of family law to make the process as simple and as stress-free as possible.

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